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Studio size requirements

This is a difficult one to answer, as everyone has a different size space allocated to them for the studio. What we suggest is a height of between 3–3.5 metres. Most suspended ceilings are installed at around 2.7 metres. A system can be put in at this height but it would be the minimum height and the studio would need to be at least 5 metres wide x 6 metres long.  This would have nothing else in the room except for any props required by the photographer. 

If a space also has to accommodate an office within it, the length would need to be between 7-8 metres and the width approximately 6 metres and height between 3-3.5 metres.

These are only guidelines. This would provide you the best room-space for a studio.

Don’t worry if your dimensions don’t match this – we will then work with the space allocated to you with some creative thinking!




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