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Why do you need a site survey? 

Firstly, to design the system you’re looking for, reduce cost and waste, and if it is a new build you want to be in control of what you have in it. By having a survey done and proposing Lyons Photography to the architects and builders, we will then work on your behalf to ensure the optimum lighting rig is designed and installed for your requirements.

If somebody asks you to design a system, there will be considerations to make and this is why expert independent advice is essential.

If you are considering having the benefits of a ceiling-mounted lighting system installed in your studio all you initially need do is forward the room dimensions to us for an assessment of suitability. Click here for a pdf form which you can post, fax or use as a reference to help fill in the online form.

To complete the online form, depending upon which type of room you are considering installing your lighting system in, please click on one of the illustrations (above) which most closely matches your studio type.


Site surveys incur a flat charge of £50 for provision of detailed plans and a product list of required items. In addition there are travel costs of 48p per mile (round-trip).

To view Terms & Conditions / Confidentiality Policy in relation to lighting installations click here


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